Our eco credentials matter to us, to you and of course to our environment.

We see sustainability as our journey of constant improvement.

 Achievements so far:

  • One trucking pallet of our twin pack screen wash tabs is the equivalent to 11 fully-laden articulated trucks containing the typical 5 litre plastic screen wash bottles, a huge reduction plastic packing waste and diesel.
  • Our twin tab pack weighs just 9 grams the equivalent of less than 0.1% of a standard 5 litre plastic screen wash bottle; generating a massive reduction in tyre and break wear in distribution and transportation helping reduce air and surface water contamination.
  • Our screen wash tabs take up a fraction of the warehouse space when compared to the 5 litre plastic bottles, saving thousands of KW hours of energy in lighting and general electricity usage.
  • All our tabs are delivered in 100% compostable mailing bags conforming to EN 13432
  • Our printed labels are made 100% recycled paper with a compostable and biodegradable permanent adhesive made from renewable materials (non-fossil fuel derived) and is CO2 neutral.
  • All our printed labels have EU Ecolabel certification and the adhesive used is certified to the EU compostable packaging standard EN13432.
  • The tabs do not contain any plastic or micro plastics.
  • There is zero contamination to the water-table, rivers, seas and oceans.
  • The tabs are packed in cardboard and foil, together with the very last remaining tiny bit of plastic (but we are already on to that, see below).
  • We only use Royal Mail to deliver our tabs, not couriers making specific on-demand journeys to hundreds of thousands of houses nationwide.

 We are working on…

  • Reducing the size of our mailing bags by moving away from stock sizing and creating a bespoke size just for our mailing bags resulting in less compostable and production waste.
  • We will be moving to a soya-based film which is 100% plastic-free to replace the final small plastic element of our tab packaging.
  • By the end of 2022 we expect be completely plastic-free!
  • In Q2 of 2022 we will begin to calculate our total carbon foot-print to assess ways to become 100% carbon natural.

We continue to provide the highest certified quality screen wash with outstanding service, first time, on time every time.