Are You Looking To Buy All Year Round Screen Wash?

Screen wash not only keeps your screen sparkling, but it’s important for improving visibility while driving. 

No matter where you’re driving, it’s the quickest way to banish everything dirt, dust, insects and other debris. The first screen wash was used in 1936, so this product has been around for a long time!

There are various kinds of screen wash available, including summer and winter formulas. The latter usually contains antifreeze agents to prevent freezing in cold temperatures. Some screen wash products also have additives like rain-repellent agents or ingredients that help to reduce streaking on the windshield.



However, here at Screen Wash King we have genuine ‘all year round’ screen wash. Our tablets are designed to make cleaning your screen quicker, easier, and more environmentally friendly.

What makes our screen wash suitable for all year round?

Our tablets tackle salt, sap, bugs and traffic film. Better yet, because they don’t come in plastic packaging they’re much more eco-friendly than traditional screenwash.

Screen wash can have numerous negative effects on the environment if not used or disposed of correctly. That’s because it contains chemicals that can be harmful to aquatic life and ecosystems. It's therefore crucial not to pour screen wash down a drain or onto the ground. 

Generally, you should also only use screen wash when necessary and eschew excess spraying.

Buy our all-year-round screen wash tablets and reduce plastic wastage.



Screen wash usually comes in large plastic containers, which contribute significantly to plastic waste. Because this material is usually non-biodegradable, it is not easily broken down by natural processes. Plastic bottles and containers can persist in the environment for centuries, leading to accumulation in landfills, oceans, and other ecosystems.

Not only does plastic not degrade easily, the production of this material requires significant amounts of fossil fuels and energy. Extracting and processing such resources is terrible for the environment, since it contributes towards water and air pollution. In other words, it contributes to climate change in more ways than one.

Our screen wash tablets are also easy to use. 

These tablets have been DEKRA approved quality standard since 2006, and use 99% less plastic, packaging, transport and storage. Certified to -5°, they can be delivered anywhere in the UK and come with a 365-day money back guarantee. 

Now having sold over a million tablets, we’re looking to transform the industry with these innovative products.

We also offer a free delivery service for customers throughout the UK.

Discover more reasons to buy our year round screen wash products. Or contact our friendly team for more information.
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