About us

Welcome to Screen Wash King Here is The Story So Far...

My name is James Hobson, I am the proud Principal of ScreenWashKing.com

My mission is simple and shared with thousands of others and
hopefully you too;

Better screen wash a better way!

Our 4 cornerstones;

Quality | Value | Environment | Convenience

No more remembering to find and buy heavy cumbersome 5 litre plastic cans of toxic liquid to spill and store;

The easy, modern way;

Higher quality screen wash – Dekra approved since 2013

Better value screen wash – Price
matched with all five of the UKs largest screen wash retailers: Halfords | Tesco | Sainsbury's | Asda | Morrisons

More convenient - Screen wash tabs, the size and weight of a sweet!

Easy to buy
- Buy online and it is delivered directly to you the next day

Massive environmental benefits - 99.9% less packaging, trucking and storage and non-toxic

Success - Over a million screen wash tabs have already been sold;


34 million cars in the UK and 75% of those drivers buying screen wash it is time for change


Our mission:

Permanently remove millions of 5L plastic bottles every year and the associated waste of trucking and storing toxic liquid screen wash.

 Loved by our customers and the planet we all share.