Eco Friendly Screen Wash With a Free Delivery

Eco Friendly Screen Wash With a Free Delivery

Let’s face it, cars don’t have a great impact on the environment. From belching out petrol and diesel fumes, to roads cutting through green areas, they’re generally one of the worst offenders in this regard. 

Most of us want to reduce our impact on the environment. Although many of us can’t afford electric vehicles, the small changes that make a big difference. For instance, replacing your bulky plastic bottles of screenwash with our handy tablets. Available with a free delivery in the UK, they can permanently get rid of those large plastic bottles that screen wash comes in. 

Although home-made screen wash might be more environmentally friendly, it’s usually not very effective. Our wash tabs combine efficiency with green credentials.


Our eco-friendly screen wash is effective, convenient and eliminates plastic bottles. It uses 99.9% less plastic, packaging, trucking and storage than traditional 5 litre cans.

Plastic screen wash bottles have a bad impact on the environment for numerous reasons. From their production through to their disposal, plastic bottles are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to millions of cars on the road each year.

For starters, the production of plastic bottles consumes vast amounts of fossil fuels, primarily petroleum and natural gas. Not only that, the delivery of these bottles uses up significant amounts of energy. Unlike our tablets, they obviously need larger trucks for deliveries. 

Plastic bottles also have a big impact on marine life. They invariably end up in the ocean where they take hundreds of years to degrade. Not only that, once they do break apart, they lead to microplastics which are harmful to aquatic life. Some plastics used in bottles contain dodgy chemicals, like BPA, which can pose health risks. 

Plastic bottle caps are also one of the most commonly littered items. They too can have adverse effects on wildlife and ecosystems.


Subscribe and save money when purchasing our tablets. 

We also offer a convenient subscription service if you want them delivered regularly. This is a great option if you often forget to buy new screen wash. Because they’re tablets, they can easily be delivered for free.

Our screen wash tablets have been DEKRA approved quality standard since 2006. 

Purchasing a product that has been certified by DEKRA Certification can provide assurance that the product complies with the relevant standards. It means that a professional certification body has thoroughly screened the product, saving you time and money.

Diamond View Screen Wash has been rated highly by our customers. It is also currently reduced in price, making it a great time to try it out! You can choose between 10 and 20 litres according to your requirements. We’ve sold over million tablets and built a loyal customer base over the past few years. 

If you’re not happy about the results, we can provide a 365-day full money back guarantee.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly screen wash delivered in the UK, find out more about our screen wash tabs.
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