Is it dangerous to drive without any screen wash?

Is it dangerous to drive without any screen wash?

There are several driving offences you might not even realise you’re making, and one of them is driving without screen wash in your car. But how much difference can it really make to your driving safety? The answer is a lot – from bugs on the windscreen to dirt and grime being kicked up from the road, there are many substances that can find their way onto your car and impair your vision when you’re driving.

These are just a few of the reasons why screen wash is so important for keeping you and other drivers safe on the roads.

Cuts through the grime from bugs and oil

Screen wash is the best way to prevent streaks from dirt, bugs and rain from building up on your windscreen. Whether you drive every day or every so often, cars are exposed to all sorts of dirt and debris from the roads, and water isn’t enough to clean it all off. Screen wash contains powerful cleaning agents that leave the windscreen crystal clear and streak-free, for the best visibility.

Washing up liquid can leave the screen cloudy 

Some drivers are of the opinion that switching out screen wash for a household alternative like washing up liquid will do the same job, but this isn’t the case. These soaps aren’t designed for the likes of grease and motor oil that cars can come into contact with, so they leave smudges and cloudiness on your screen that impairs your view. With a screen wash that’s been designed specifically for vehicles, you can be sure it won’t damage the exterior of your car and will provide the best result.

Keeps you safe during all seasons

Driving during freezing temperatures is a hazard in itself, so you don’t want to exacerbate those conditions by not using screen wash. High quality screen wash has a low freeze rating which means that on cold nights when the temperature dips, the water in the reservoir won’t freeze over, which can cause damage to the car and impact your visibility from the driving seat. Similarly, on sunny days, screen wash reduces smears and streaks, minimising sun dazzle which can easily cause accidents.

It’s recommended that you check your wiper fluid at least once a month, topping it up if need be. If you’re driving regularly and using the screen wash more often, check it accordingly to make sure you have enough. Screen wash tablets are a convenient and eco-friendly solution that can be sent to your door at intervals to suit you, making remembering even easier.


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