Is it illegal to drive with no screen wash?

Is it illegal to drive with no screen wash?

Most drivers are aware of the major illegal actions on the road, such as breaking the speed limit or being over the limit when they get behind the wheel. But there are other actions that could leave you in trouble that aren’t as common knowledge. One example is not having screen wash in your car when you’re driving. Let’s take a look at why it’s deemed illegal to drive without screen wash and what the consequences are if you get caught.

A lack of screen wash can obscure visibility

You might not have realised that driving without screen wash is illegal, but the reason why this is against the law is quite simple. When you drive, dirt, grit and bugs can build up on the windscreen and obscure your vision, particularly during the winter when the roads are wet and may be covered in grit or mud.

If it’s not cleaned off, it restricts visibility, and you could be charged with careless driving and receive a minimum fine of £100. Checking your washer fluid is topped up and replacing it if the levels get too low is a simple task and will only take a few minutes, keeping you safer on the roads and potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

How often should I check my screen wash?

It’s recommended that you check the screen washer fluid levels in your car at least once a month, topping up if necessary. If the container is below a quarter empty, top it up so you can be sure you have enough the next time you need to use your windscreen wipers. During the winter, or periods where you’re driving more regularly, you’re likely to be using your wipers more often so you’ll be getting through more washer fluid than the rest of the year. During such times, checking every couple of weeks will ensure you don’t run out.

Screen wash tablets are a convenient solution to keep you in stock at all times, so you never run out. They can be sent to your door at intervals that suit your needs, so you always have enough on hand, preventing fines and keeping your car as safe to drive as possible. The tablets simply need to be added to water to create a safe and effective screen wash solution that also prevents bacterial growth.



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