Premium Quality Screen Wash for a Sparkling Windshield

Premium Quality Screen Wash for a Sparkling Windshield

Quality lies at the forefront of all our screen washing products. Manufactured to extremely high standards in Germany, they are independently tested and certified for quality by DEKRA and have been since 2006.

DEKRA is an organisation committed to ensuring the safety of human interaction with technology and the environment. Founded in 1925, they inspect more vehicles than any other organisation in the world. 

Using premium quality screen wash offers many benefits for your vehicle, along with your driving  experience. Choose our tablets and you’ll also have products which are better for the environment, since they don’t come in large plastic bottles. 

The best screen wash improves your visibility.


Soon the nights will be drawing in and we’re more likely to be experiencing foggy conditions. Having a clear windscreen is key for keeping you safe. Our high quality screen wash effortlessly banishes salt, sap, bugs and traffic film. Whether we suffer from rain, snow or sleet this winter, you’ll be able to see the road ahead.

Non-toxic, premium, and easy-to-use wash tablets for a greener future.

Although they’re environmentally friendly, our screen wash can break down even the most stubborn stains. Whether you have bird dropping, tree sap or grime from the road on the glass, it will remove it as efficiently as possible. 

High quality screen wash is better for your wipers.


Decent screen washes are less likely to leave unwanted residue and deposits on your blades and windshield. Our tablets are excellent for extending the lifespan of your wipers, together with preventing streaking or smearing.

They also reduce the risk of your washer fluid nozzle or line clogging. You’ll enjoy a steady and consistent spray of fluid onto your windshield whenever you need it.

Despite being of the finest quality, our screen wash tablets are highly affordable. They’re also long-lasting and provide much more value than single bottles. With prices starting from only £6.87, it’s easy to stock up on our tablets for the months ahead. 

If needed, you can subscribe to our products and make significant savings. Over a million of our screen wash tablets have been sold, so why not find how they can help you?

Find out more about our screen wash tablets or don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information. 

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